Visit Hollyweed is the only community newspaper that covers the California cannabis community exclusively. We are mission driven as articulated in Visit Hollyweed‘s Mission Statement.

What do we report on? 

  • California laws and regulation
  • California cannabis industry social equity and inclusion
  • California weed brands and strains
  • The California weed industry and community
  • California weed activism and non-profit orgs
  • California weed dispensaries 
  • California weed culture and lifestyle
  • Celebrity and entertainment related to California weed

We also provide free resources to educate people on laws, regulations, business requirements, and contact information. 

Why Visit Hollyweed? 
Visit Hollyweed is a community-funded online newspaper published by Dan Wilson. Wilson is committed to using this newspaper to create a platform and a community specifically for Californians and visitors to the state who take part in weed consumption and culture. 

Visit Hollyweed was started in 2020 to explore the strains and brands on the recreational weed market of California.

Visit Hollyweed reports on new strains, innovative brands, and news and information relevant to the California weed community.

We are the only news and information resource on the web that is exclusively for the California weed community.

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Our mission and values as a journalistic outlet are as follows:

  • To report fairly and accurately: to give specific facts rather than subjective opinions, to consult a variety of sources for a balanced viewpoint, to cite sources of information for integrity
  • To encourage openness and transparency when it comes to data and information about the regulated cannabis market in California; to publish information offered by members of the community in a centrally organized location (i.e.,
  • To highlight, promote, and encourage the cannabis industry and cannabis culture in California. To promote California cannabis as the best in the world; to describe and track what’s happening each day in California, the largest regulated cannabis market in the world.
  • To tell the story and capture the memories of Californians who were impacted by decades of marijuana prohibition and especially the War on Drugs. To create a repository of community memories. To acknowledge and give due respect to the right of the community to tell its own history and to take ownership of California cannabis culture past and present.
  • To use a community newspaper as a method for community building and to create a social infrastructure for the California cannabis community as a whole. To foster communication, dialogue, and storytelling amongst the diverse members of the California cannabis community.
  • To provide information resources to Californians to understand the history of cannabis in California, to learn about the health and wellness effects of cannabis, to look up local laws and regulations, and to learn about the application processes for starting a cannabis business.

Visit Hollyweed Coverage Priorities

  • People: the human beings behind California cannabis. The people that make up the community as a whole and the communities in each region of CA.
  • Strains and Products that are available on the market. Information for consumers.
  • Brands and Dispensaries that are operating legally: who to support and why. Information for consumers.
  • Social Justice and Equity in California Cannabis
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • The history of Marijuana Prohibition in California; the long-term impacts of the War on Drugs
  • Current actions related to politics and advocacy.
  • Laws, Regulation, State and Federal Prohibitions, Legality.
  • Political Coalition Building: politicians who are pro cannabis community
  • Small businesses, startups, indie brands
  • The Traditional Market – unlicensed cannabis activity (protected sources)
  • Giving voice to cannabis related historically targeted groups in California.
  • Locating and highlighting lost histories, suppressed information, and previously silenced perspectives.

Policies & Contact

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The official Visit Hollyweed Mission Statement details our foundational goals and approach.

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