To Celebrate 710, the Best Concentrates for 7/10 “Oil” Day

710 oil day dab

710, or 7/10 (aka July 10th), is widely considered to be a holiday for consuming cannabis oil products, including dabs and concentrates. 710 day takes place annually on July 10th, or 7/10. This year the 710 weed holiday is on Sunday, July 10, 2022. 7/10 started as a holiday about a decade ago in California. If you turn 710 upside down it spells oil, a word that’s used to describe cannabis products that result from extracting concentrated resin from the plant. Oil refers to hash oil, shatter, wax, resin, rosin etc.)

Iconic Breeder Compound Genetics Launches Premium Flower Line

Chris Lynch Chris Compound Compound Genetics

Compound Genetics is known for their prize-winning genetics, producing seeds that brands all over the state use for their flower. This month, Compound Genetics launched their own brand of flower, allowing consumers to buy directly from the famed cultivator.

Ice Kream Dispensary Brings the Jokes Up Family to Los Angeles

Ice Kream Pierre Porter

On June 18, Bay area weed collective Jokes Up opened its own dispensary in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles called Ice Kream. The brand also celebrated the year anniversary of its Jokes Up Plaza store in DTLA, which now features a mini Ice Kream dispensary inside.

CA State Fair Cannabis Awards Announces Winners

This week, the CA State Fair Cannabis Awards announced the inaugural award-winning cultivars and cultivators from throughout California. More than 300 entries were evaluated for this year’s competition. A total of 60 trophies and medals were awarded, consisting of gold and silver medals by division and category, as well as the Golden Bear Award for the “Best of California” overall winners.

Hip-Hop Icon Rakim Brings His Higher Frequency to Cali Weed

Rakim at the Higher Frequency brand drop event at Josephine and Billie's dispensary in Los Angeles, June 25, 2022.

Rakim redefined hip-hop in the 90s, and has had his impact on the genre ever since. Now he’s launched his own weed brand, Higher Frequency, in both New York and California. In the process, he’s showing support for legacy NorCal farms and Cali’s social equity cannabis businesses.

Palm Trees by PKnuckle Represents LA Weed History

Dope Kings Palm Trees by PKnuckle

LA Rapper and Weed Grower PKnuckle has been growing and selling weed in the city since the late 90s. After a stint in lockup, he burst back onto the scene in the mid 2000s, dropping singles and developing his clothing brand Dope Kings. On the side, he sold cannabis under his brand Palm Trees by PKnuckle. Now the two brands have merged, and PKnuckle is dropping his own strains, some coming from his decades-old library of genetics.